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Solutions for 21st Century Marketing Needs

Living Image Media is a full service digital marketing agency focused on managing professional social media accounts, websites, email marketing campaigns and coaching clients on how to improve upon and get the most out of their online reputation. Aside from producing the assets used in client’s marketing campaigns, we also coach our client’s teams on how to become ambassadors for their brands. At Living Image, we are passionate about achieving extraordinary results for businesses and individuals through creative marketing strategies. Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about us! Here you'll see examples of the services we offer our clients but we pride ourselves in creating customized solutions, based on each company's marketing goals. Each service we offer provides a unique way to leverage an audience and grow your business. From comprehensive marketing plans and media outreach campaigns to strategic promotions, we help each client optimize their results.


Content Creation:

Content Creation

Build a Following, Grow Your Influence

It's not enough to be in the conversation, success in today's digital age requires brands to lead the conversations their client base cares about most. Content has become an integral part of the marketing mix and content marketing provides the information customers want in a concise way - while getting a brand's message across. Social discovery in general, and the rise of influencer marketing, has helped content spread in a more organic way. These industry changes allow us to leverage our diverse marketing background and empower our clients to drive the results their businesses need. Having developed a variety of partnerships in the social media realm, cross promotion is a vital tool in our content marketing program. In striving to achieve only the best for every project we take on - our content marketing services are no exception.

Media Outreach:

Live Show Recording

Telling Your Story to the Right People, Through the Right Outlets at the Right Time

Crafting the right story is a creative art! At the core of building a lasting connection with a fanbase is looking beyond a sales goal to develop a message that connects with people on a deeper level. Different media outlets will be interested in different story angles but researching an audiences' current awareness can help to correct a gap in messaging! We are able to keep brands in control of their narrative by cultivating relationships on the local level with strategic partners who pertepuate community engagement. By defining and segmenting our partners clients’ audiences, we are able to prioritize their stakeholders based on brand awareness. Periodically segmenting our media lists based on the audiences clients want to reach, while prioritizing media platforms and outlets (mindful that some smaller outlets may have a higher degree of influence) allows our clients to achieve the competitive edge they need.

Digital Strategy:

Image by Carlos Muza

Engagement Allows for an Enhanced Brand Perception

We tailor each digital strategy according to our client's needs as this is an integral part of the foundation of any modern day marketing campaign. We offer a unique professional perspective at the intersection of digital media and marketing strategy. Brainstorming creative ideas with clients and using our industry experience, we ensure clients digital footprint and insights are properly analyzed and translated into strategies that help to get the most out of their marketing efforts. This service will helps businesses grab the attention of their target market in an oversaturated and sometimes difficult to navigate media world.

Corporate Ambassador Partnerships:

Chatbox of Love

Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer-Driven Social Media Campaigns

Corporate Ambassadorship is one of the fastest growing forms of content-based marketing for the third year in a row, when coupled with influencer cross-promotion, it has proven to be one of the most effective techniques for growing a loyal online fanbase. In today's high tech world, digital marketing strategies continue to outperform traditional marketing techniques and Brand Ambassadors provide a consistent, direct connection with emotional ties to a customer base. Ambassadors serve as a mouthpiece, already having earned the trust of their followers, portraying the lifestyle aspect of a brand's story is an invaluable resource in an age where the majority of todays trends are driven by social media campaigns.