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Dental Marketing 101

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Think: Behing the Scenes - #BehindTheScenes #BTS

People love watching what other people are up to. You will find that the most engaging photos will often be those of your staff members. Regardless of if you’re celebrating a birthday, adding a new team member, celebrating a retirement or just wrote a new quote on a chalk board ---> Sharing a Photo of a Staff Member is by far the best way to engage your audience. It’s also a great way to illustrate how reach works. Your staff member will often like or comment on their own photo – which will push the photo out to their Facebook friends. Because people see a friendly face they are more likely to like or share the photo … which leads to more engagement.

Consistency Runs Deep

We cannot truly quantify the success of a Facebook Ad by how many clicks it receives. Consider your bottom line: success is based on how many new patients reach out to your practice and schedule an appointment. Those are the returns you want to see from any marketing campaign! For instance: if many people are visiting your website through your Facebook/Instagram advertising links, then you know you have an effective ad. But if their next step is not calling into your practice, then the problem may be on your website. If many people are calling into your office, but none are making appointments, then the problem may be in the education of your staff, or that your offer was either unclear, incorrect or somehow miscommunicated on the original ad.

We see many practices that have one message on their website, another from their printed advertising, and yet another completely different version at the front desk of their office. When that happens, your prospective patients are not receiving a consistent experience from ad to office. Those same values, offers, and experiences that you advertise need to be consistent in the conversations had with your staff when they call your office, the patient's experiences in person, and throughout their interactions with your practice online... All of these play a role in your reputation! The CTR (click through rate) of your ad, number of visitors visiting your site, and finally the transition of how many of those visitors actually become patients is all a part of your conversion rate. It’s important to measure and learn where you are losing patients in your marketing strategy. If you’re planning to do a lot of advertising, we recommend diving into the audience tab and creating some custom saved audiences for your posts that mirror the target market of your practice... This way, you can load them into your boosted posts quickly, knowing you're reaching the right people.

Put your best foot forward online to position yourself as the logical choice to your ideal patients:

Figure out where the gaps are in your system:

Branding | Style and messaging that resonates with your ideal patient

Website | Your virtual "business card" – the backbone of your online presence

Reputation Management | Protecting & enhancing your reputation, online

Social Media Ads | Putting you where your ideal patients are hanging out

Search Engine Advertising | Your ads delivered to actively searching dental consumers & potential patients

Local Search Optimization | Making sure you are found by more local patients

Integrated Direct Mail | Innovative offline-online, direct to consumer, campaigns aimed at delivering more new patients within a specific demographic.

Internal Marketing | Making educated and enthusiastic ambassadors out of community partners, staff and patients

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