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Find Strategies that Promote Growth on Instagram

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The “Followers” number is one of the first things a person will see when they visit a new Instagram page, and having a large community instantly adds a level of credibility. Growing a following is one of the most sought after services which requires closely monitoring the metrics of a professional account on Instagram & creating ads out of the posts that best align with your target market.

Growing your Instagram community in an authentic way definitely takes TIME (and because of the algorithms there is no way around that) but there are some giveaway strategies that can help move things along more quickly:

Well-aligned giveaways hosted on your feed are an effective way to build a community quickly but keep in mind that you can only host so many on your feed per month or you’ll see a dip in participation due to fatigue (we don’t recommend more than 2 per month).

Let's Break it Down: below are 3 giveaway strategies that promote account growth, without having to host it on your own feed!

1. Influencer Hosted Giveaway

Inviting an influencer to host a giveaway to their followers with your product as part of the prize is a proven way to grow your following. One of the rules of entry should be that participants must be following your brand account.

You will find that some influencers will require payment in order to host a giveaway. However, it is absolutely possible to find influencers who are willing to host for an in-kind partnership (gifting of a product or service) due to their love of what you offer.

Reaching out via DM or email to influencers whose communities align with your target market is the best way to begin the conversation about them hosting a giveaway featuring your account.

2. Instagram Story Quiz Giveaway

When brand education meets community growth! One of Instagram Stories latest features is the Quiz Sticker, giving you the ability to quiz your community and provide them with the correct answer, thus educating them on your brand.

A fun way to incentivize brand education and promote growth is by hosting a giveaway for completing the quiz:

  • Introduce the giveaway with a title slide that outlines the rules of entry

  • Add the quiz questions (we recommend 3-5) in the subsequent slides

  • Your final slide should state they will need to repost in their own Instagram Story to complete their entry.

By having participants share your branded image and tagging you in their own story, you’re building awareness among their followers. Bonus: you’ll also be picking up some additional followers and quiz entries due to the required repost.

3. Join a Loop Giveaway

Perhaps the most “under-ground” way of these three strategies is to join a Loop Giveaway. You may have first been introduced to this concept through the recent mega designer giveaways hosted by most members of the Kardashian krew at some point...

A Loop Giveaway is typically hosted by a third party and promoted by said third party or a celebrity. You’re then grouped together with other complementary (not competitor) accounts for an ultimate “big-ticket” prize and then participants are required to follow all accounts in the loop.

A Loop Giveaway will cost money to join (since you’re contributing to the big-ticket prize that makes entering super enticing), however if you’re joining a legitimate one they should have case studies to prove success of past giveaways, giving you the ability to determine if the fee makes sense for your brand.

There you have it, three effective giveaway strategies to promote Instagram account growth— without having to host it on your feed! Use one (or more) of these giveaway strategies on your own account and prepare to watch those new followers roll in!

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